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Rattlesnake Fences Austin: We Have Got Your Back

Who is not afraid of rattlesnakes? Everyone does. Surely you will want to keep them away from your house or business area because safety comes first. When you are in an Area of Austin where there is the presence of rattlesnakes, you need Rattlesnake Fences Austin for the security of your people. The bite of the rattlesnakes is venomous, and they can be dangerous if not treated in time. Nobody will take that risk. 

Travis fencing Austin can assure you of working as your rattlesnake fence installer Austin. We will not let the security lose even an inch of your place. We follow some ways to set up rattlesnake fence installation Austin TX to provide you with what we said. Let's hear them out:

rattlesnake fences

Rattlesnake Fence Installation Austin

A rattlesnake fence keeps very big, medium, and small size snakes out of the fence. It may seem simple to you to install a rattlesnake fence. You cannot just gather people and set up the fence. You will need expertise for that which we can offer you. Our methods are:

Materials We Need

We start by using the hardware clothes or 1/4 galvanized mesh. Its height will be 36 inches. We don't take the risk of using 1/2 inches mesh with 24 inches height. It does not necessarily provide you with any safety from rattlesnakes.

We use standard size materials so that baby or big stays outside from your properties, whatever the snake is.

Start The Fencing

Now we start fencing. First, we will dig a channel in your ground when there is the presence of gravel or extra dirt under the area of your view French. How much we will bury will depend on how hard the soil is. After that, we will bury it below the grade.

Thus, any entrance for the snakes will be closed. Nothing like strong wind, storm, or water can create a way for them to enter your property.

Wiring The Mesh

Through the screws, we wire mesh from the outside of your view fence. We don't use zip-ties that can be broken by the sun. After some days, a chance is created to move the fence and create a space for the snake to enter. Screws are best to last a long time.

Drilling The Block Wall

We drill the blocks at the end of every fence run when they are coming out. To secure them, we use the concrete anchors in the block wall. Otherwise, the fence can move and finish by creating an entry point for the snakes. 

Setting Up The Gate

The gates need to be safe also from the entry of the rattlesnakes. Rattlesnake fences Austin needs a gate without any loophole for the snakes.

To do so, the concrete curb is poured under the gate. It will be till ¼ inches from the gate's bottom point. We use fiber glasses or door sweeps to create extra barriers if needed. In this way, the gap is blocked.

Blocking The Drains

We don't only finish by blocking the fence and the gate only. Because we know snakes can enter through the drain. We use wire mesh to anchor them with concrete.

Extra Services Provided By Us

Before finishing the fence installation Austin TX, we searched out your total property area if there were any rattlesnakes.

They may harm you later after fencing the area too. But don't worry. We let that happen with our expert zoologists or animal experts. Later they free the snakes in their zone.


rattlesnake fences

Preparations We Have As Rattlesnake Fence Installer Austin

We have not just become experts as rattlesnake fencing company Austin without any preparation:

  • We already have a valid license from the government. 
  •  Our rattlesnake experts and biologists assist us closely always
  • We have a specialization in snake fencing
  • The looks of the rattlesnake fence installation Austin is also important to us. We do that according to your preference.
  • We always maintain the standard of fence installation, which is based on rattlesnake biology.
  • Travis Fencing offers post customer service too. If our clients later find a snake outside of their properties, we go and remove it from their places. 

Still, Have A Doubt?

Do you still have a doubt? You can reach out to Travis Fencing anytime with your queries. We will be delighted to answer your questions along with a free estimation. Reach out and ensure safety from rattlesnakes in your properties.

Q: Should We Remove Plants Near Our Fences To Keep The Rattlesnakes Away?

A: Yes. You should. Snakes can't get over walls or fences. Through the branches of the trees, they can do that easily. It would help if you either cut trees from your fence or keep your fence at a distance from trees.

Q: Are Rattlesnakes Bite Poisonous?

A: Yes. They are. Rattlesnakes can create deadly problems in your body if you fail to remove the poison in time.


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