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You'll be looking for a fencing company Austin with all in one fence design and fence installation services. Travis Fencing is your best choice. We always look for a lifelong relationship of trust with our clients.

There are so many fencing company Austin TX, to choose from, but you may not get everything in a single place like ours. Give us a call to get more free quotes from our professionals.

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Fencing Company Austin

You Will Always Come Back to Us Repeatedly

It is not easy to find a fence installer Austin TX always. There are, but the challenge is when the Austin fence company will understand the customer's needs and serve them according to their requirements.

Nobody has to recommend our services to you. But once you have taken our services, you will come back to us, and we can guarantee that!

Fencing Company Austin TX Services

Fence Installation

We can serve you with our expert team members whenever you need the fence installation in Austin. We don't leave any stone unturned to provide our clients with the best-wrought iron fence installation services. With grade A material, we ensure you standard fencing.


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Our team and company is operated in Austin TX but can service other outlying areas with our experts ready to work on your fencing projects at any time. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and we’ll offer you a quote.

Give us a call today for an in-depth consultation with one of our experts. We can help guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate service for your needs, saving you time and money!

Remember, if you want your project done right, trust local professionals that you can continually count on.

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Fence Repair

Need to go for fence repair? We are your local Austin fence company for that. Whether it is Vinyl fences, Masonry, Chain-link, wrought iron fences, or Corrugated metal fence, we can repair your fence within a brief period with the best materials. To give you the fence repair service, we are beside you.

Fence Maintenance

Perhaps your old fence has been worn out, and you need proper maintenance. Maybe the fence is covered with dust, or the color has faded; we will make it look like a new one. Besides painting, we will also clean the dirt on your chain link fence.

Commercial Fencing

The business goal is to gain profit, not risk damaging it. When you have a significant commercial Austin area, you will decide to fence installation in central Texas for its protection.

Because when your property is damaged in any way, it is a loss for you. So, security is the top priority of your property. You can set up chain link fencing there. 

Fencing Company Austin
Benefits of  Commercial Fencing

Privacy Of the Institution

It is not acceptable to see what is happening inside your property in surrounding communities. Unless you build a commercial fence installation around your premises, your privacy is not kept intact. So, you can protect yourself from being an easy target for anyone from your fence business owners building a new fence.

Security Of the People

A commercial fence will work as a blockade from the outsiders for your commercial property. No one will be able to enter your Austin area to rob it. Even if anyone enters the site, they will not be able to escape easily.

You can add a CC camera and strong gate to increase the safety of your property with the help of Austin fence builders. It is crucial to have valuable documents or things inside the Austin area with a fence.

Safety Issue

As you are the landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the people inside your property. A lot of people work there.

So, a commercial chain link fence will not let anyone enter there whenever they want or allow anyone to go outside quickly. The Austin brothers fence company is with you for fencing.

Function As a Storeroom

Your commercial place can work as your storeroom for any products as long as there is an ornamental iron fence. It is a good option for you; when you have no place left inside your building, you can also store your items outside of the building. Commercial fencing also saves your time and money.

Prohibition In Access 

Nobody would like outsiders to cross their property. If it is not protected, even people may create a way for their home over your land. Installing a fence is the best thing not to let others access your premises with the Austin brothers fence company. 

Beautiful Appearance

A property with a beautiful ornamental iron fence also increases the property's look. It will not be like the old barren appearance anymore. You can also consider it whenever you plan to build fences on your property.

Raise Property Value

A commercial property with strong secured commercial fencing will increase the value earlier. The buyer's security will assure that he will also be safe when he starts to function in the Austin area as a fence company. Besides, the clients will also be impressed with the beautiful look of the fence.

Secured Area from Animals

The humans and the animals will not be able to enter your area when you have built a fence there. In addition, it will also secure your pets inside the premises. A pet will not be able to pass the fence and go outside.


Residential Fencing

We are always very sensitive to all the issues regarding our home. The same will be our response to your fence company regarding its fencing. Your home needs a fence to get the soothing feeling about its perimeter security. Otherwise, there may be unexpected accidents you will not be able to handle and accept.

Fencing Company Austin
Benefits of Residental Fencing

Define Property Lines

A custom wood fence around your home will define your own property lines. It will also separate your land from others. Of course, to fence around your home, you have to know how much ground you possess. Take the exact measurement and build a fence with the assistance of the Austin brother's fence company.

Security Of the Beloved Ones

The most crucial reason to install an Austin fence will be your property lines' security. To make the life of your beloved family secure, you will need to put a fence around your house with the help of a fence company.

All the members will be protected from the sudden attack of any mob. Your family's little children and pets will be safe on the premises.

Privacy Of Your Family

You may want to swim in your pool or lie around it. In that case, you will not like others watching you from outside within your property lines. Or you may want to practice dancing in your courtyard.

It will not be comfortable if anyone from the outside looks at it. A vertical and horizontal wood fence around your home is essential—a fence company here.

Hindrance Of Trespassing Human or Animal

Your Austin fence around the house will not let anyone trespass, whether human or animal. Trespassing someone is always disturbing. Besides, an Animal may waste your food and break things.

Humans are also scary because we don't know what an unknown person will think or do. So, a strong fence is a solution to your problem.

Increase Property Value

When your house has an Austin fence, it is secured from anything. So, a buyer will consider it. As a result, the home's value will be higher than those with no fences. You will benefit from it also.

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  • "Very cooperative team! It is not just a piece of cake to find an institution with a friendly and cooperative team to install or repair the fence. I found these attributes in the teammates of Travis Fencing Austin, TX. They were able to serve me with what I wanted. My commercial space is now decorated with beautiful chain link fencing with proper measurements. Earlier I couldn't make anyone understand my requirements for a chain link fencing in Georgetown fence. Thank you, Travis Fencing."
    Chris Roddick
    "Unique Fencing Services! I am a little bit preoccupied with the designs of the Austin fences around my house. I have visited many fencing companies in Austin, TX. But none of them were able to meet my needs related to fences. Finally, I reached out about the locally owned Travis Fencing. Their variety of collections blew me out of my mind. I selected a chain-link fence Austin TX and set them up in my fence without delaying more."
    Joe Rodriguez
    "They Are Comparable to Them Only! When there is the issue of security along with beautiful looks, you can't just pick up everyone to install a fence. You have to justify the fencing company Austin TX adequately before letting them hand over your property. I have done that, and I am delighted with the locally owned fence installation Austin TX, they have done."
    Robert Rogan
  • "Will Ask for Their Service Again! My ancestral house was suffering from safety issues for years without any fence. I decided to put vinyl fences that go with the traditional design of the house. I went to Travis Fencing. They did not let me down. I loved vinyl fencing from Austin, TX's fencing services, and they set up the exact color and design I wanted to have. It is no wonder I will go to them again for my next Austin fence project security."
    Andy Roberts
    "An excellent fencing experience! I have been looking for a fencing company in my area, Austin, TX. Then suddenly, I got to know about Travis Fencing. They did wonder after the completion of fencing my house with Vinyl fencing. They have changed the outlook of my home with a fence, and I am thrilled with it! "
    Sanya Riley
    "What A Service! I have loved how Travis Fencing completed the Rattlesnake fences in my house. After that, I have never seen a single one in my house. I am grateful to the fence company, and I wish them success in Austin, TX."
    Rich Richards

How Will You Choose the Right Austin Fencing Company?

To choose the right fence companies Austin TX, you will have to consider some things. If you find them in any company, you should go for them without talking more:

Check License and Insurance

License is an organization's valid and quality work permit for the Austin fence company. When the Austin fence builders have a license, it is recognized by the state or country for their fence-related services.

On the other hand, insurance is needed to check. Because the protection of the staff is crucial for the Austin fence company, you can select the one which has got both of them.

Travis Fencing has obtained a license and insurance. We have earned recognition for our unmatched fence services for the existing fences.

High-Quality Services

Check the service background of any fence installer Austin TX. The variation of services will tell you about the competency of the Austin fence company. 

Previous Experience

You may want to know about the previous work experience of the Austin fence installer because it will give you the happiness of making your work perfect. Travis Fencing has years of experience as an Austin fence company. We have handled a lot of fencing so far.

Quality Materials 

The use of quality fencing materials ensures the durability of any existing Austin fence. You will let the famous one for using quality materials to handle your fencing.

We have never compromised in this case. Besides, we have always provided the best material from top manufacturers in the state for building a solid fence as your Austin fence company.


An Austin fence installation is an expensive task. You cannot do it every day. So, the Austin brothers fence company will provide you a warranty for the fence replaced at your place. We do provide a warranty for each of our Austin fence projects. It proves our efficiency to fence your Austin area.

Clients Reviews 

A fencing company with positive reviews will be suitable for handing over your construction projects. You should go for the service of the company. Travis Fencing has so many positive reviews regarding fences from our clients. You can check them for an Austin fence company.

Active Communication System

Friendly communication of a customer care service tells you about how careful they will be to serve you. Because if you cannot share your fence problems with them, they can't fix your issues in the right way.

Our customer service department has the regulation to serve our clients amicably as one of the best fence companies.

Provide Free Estimation

You should also check whether the Austin brothers fence company will provide you with a free estimation of your fencing. It will give you a decent idea about the amount of money you need to fix your fence. For the benefit of our clients, we always do that for free.

Pressurizing The Client 

You have contacted a fencing company, and they are pressuring you to tell them your decision or start working early. It is a nasty side.

We maintain our professionalism strictly—every time we discuss with our clients their fence-related problems. In addition, we leave it to them when they start their fencing. Thus, satisfied customers let us handle their fences.

Why Choose Travis Fencing?

We are committed to clients serving the best fence materials to install fences in the quickest time for commercial and residential properties. What we can offer you:

Cover The Deadline

To cover the deadline of the client is an essential thing. Everyone will want to get their fence service within a fixed time.

In addition, to keep our clients satisfied, we try to complete the fence construction projects within time. It has never crossed the deadline. But many times, we have finished our fencing long ago than the deadline.

Grade A Quality Materials

Materials matter a lot for every kind of service. The durability of any product will depend on the quality of the product. We use all of the finest quality materials to ensure its durability of it when your fence replaced.

Our manufacturer is a renowned manufacturer in the country. So, it is entirely safe to use the materials they provide us in the Austin area.

Budget-friendly Fencing Services

Sometimes, we hesitate to take any service knowing the high charge. But our low-cost service charge will inspire you to take the service. We don't want our clients to leave without taking our fence services. So, we have kept a reasonable charge for our service, which may cover all the people's needs, wealthy, middle class, or poor.

Maintaining Proper Safety

Safety is, of course, our prime concern when it comes to protecting our dedicated teammates. All of them will work hard for us.

But it would not be like this; we have not thought about their safety issues in exchange for it in the Austin area. To ensure their safety, we have built a safety code. It is a must to follow the regulations for each team member. 

Expert Team Members

A novice will not equally provide the same working standard as an expert. We know it very well. So, our whole team is made of professionals only. We provide them with a training session after a few months. Through this, their expertise will never fade, and they will be able to work with more enthusiasm. 

Cordial Customer Support

Whenever you talk to a company representative, if you don't get a friendly attitude from him, you will surely not want to take their service. We are cautious from this side too. Our great customer service representative will amicably hear you. You will want to take our service after talking to them. 

Free Estimate

We are ready to provide you with a free estimate of our fencing repeated issues. Because we know how vital an estimate is before deciding on fencing, whether a big or small project, the whole team will provide you a free estimate each time you get back to us.

Years of Experience

Experience has paved the way to where we have reached today. All of our teammates, with their devotion, have worked for years. Every little step has brought us to a very successful position after so many years. Still, we never have stopped developing ourselves more than earlier.

Want to know more about us? Knock us anytime. We will reach out to you quickly.

Fencing Company Austin
How We Work

We work in three steps to do our work in an arranged way. The first one starts with your knocking us. It finishes when we finish our project. The steps are:

Schedule An Appointment

We will hear it with concentration when you call our customer support service regarding your fence-related problems. Our representative will know details about your concerns.

According to that, later he will fix your appointment with our team. In detail, you will discuss what you want to do, a wooden fence installation or repair of damaged fences with the group.

Get A Free Estimation

Our team will now visit your place to inspect how much Austin area you want to install the wooden fence or repair. The team will give you the approximate estimate through a thorough inspection. We do it without taking charge of all of our clients from other quotes.

Completion Of Our Work

Now it is finally time to complete our task. We are a fencing company in Austin, TX, and we install, repair, or maintain your fence according to your requirement. Ours is a hard-working, family owned business. You don't have to do anything today. Just relax and see the wonderful job on your fence installation in a new form!

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