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Masonry Fencing Austin: Pros And Cons

What Is Masonry Fencing?

Masonry fencing is mainly stone fencing, in other words. It is a wall in the outdoor of your house or property. You can use bricks, blocks, cement, or stones for your fencing. The benefit of masonry fence installation Austin TX is that you can set up heavy metal gates in the fence. The panels are made from metal bars. The columns or posts are only made from concrete or stone. There are also some pros and cons of using Masonry fencing Austin. Some Of them are as follows:

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Pros Of Masonry Fencing Austin

Many people want to install masonry fences. There are so many advantages to them. Let's point out here some:


Stone and brick fences are very much durable. All kinds of natural disasters can be prevent through stone fences, whether heavy rain or cyclones. The up-down of heat during various weather does not make any difference either. Any insects cannot harm them, and they are not perishable. Even fire cannot destroy them. They can only discolor them as well.

Beautiful Look

The aesthetic look of a masonry fence can please anyone. Especially professional fencing company Austin TX can build up only these kinds of fences in Travis fencing. It will seem to you like a work of art.

Low Maintenance Cost

Once you set up a masonry fence, you will not need any maintenance as it will not rot or be caught by pests. So, your maintenance cost will come to almost zero for your masonry fence. Even some of them are durable for 100 years without repair.

Can Not Be Replaced Easily

Once you have done installing your masonry fence, you will not be able to replace them because of their durability. We can guarantee you that. It will not need paint because paints are not held by stones generally.

Perfect As Sound-Proof Material

Maybe you live in a commercial area, or your office is in there. So, it is customary to be surround by the horns and sounds of the vehicles all day and night. To get rid of this problem, you can use a masonry fence. Thus, the sounds will not be able to disturb you anymore.

Cons Of Masonry Fencing Austin

Besides the pros, there are some cons also of masonry fence installation Austin TX. Some of the cons are:

Damage By Water

Too much touch of water can be harmful to your masonry fences. Even after the perfect buildup of your fence can be caught by water. The absence of a drainage system and less use of waterproofing ingredients can make the situation worse.

Difficult To Replace Or Fix Issues

Masonry fences cannot be easily replace once you finish setting them up. Besides, you cannot fix issues quickly too. You will need the guidance of professionals to fix problems. It will cost you a lot. You need to specify the problems before starting to build the fence.

Expensive To Use

Masonry fences are expensive to build up. To hire expert laborers will cost you a lot too. The cost will be calculate according to your space and location.

Let Us Know Your Decision

We already have described some of the pros and cons of masonry fencing Austin. So that you may have clear ideas about it before making any decisions. We respect your choices. If you want to do Masonry fence installation Austin, give us a call. We will work with our utmost dedication with the best masonry materials.


Q: How Will I Understand Whether My Wall Is masonry?

A: When you touch your wall and move it from one place to another, its sound will be hollow. In this way, you can identify masonry walls.

Q: Is Tile Include In Masonry?

A: Yes. Ceramic tiles are include in masonry. You can use them to build your fences too.

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