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The fencing solutions global market size has experienced massive, impressive growth over the years. Now the global market is worth over $27.2 billion. However, the fencing company Austin expects that this figure will grow by $34.4 billion by 2027 as the demand for fence installation is increasing day by day.

The fencing demand has been increasing over the years for many causes, including the security need. However, in America, over one million burglaries occur each year. Moreover, many homeowners also love the privacy and aesthetic benefits that a fence can afford.

Wooden fences are the most popular fences type. Currently, various types of wood fences are available from which the homeowners can choose their most desired one. Let's discuss multiple fence types in detail.

1.      Cedar Fences

One of the most familiar softwood types is Cedarwood, and in many parts of the US, it's a native wood type. But while the fencing company Austin classified Cedar as softwood, incredibly, it's durable. Even when it remains untreated for more than three decades, the wood can last, and compared to many other wood varieties, and it's longer.

Cedarwood has nature insects and decay-resistant features. This fence, for this reason, tends to be both low-maintenance and durable. Moreover, for fence installer Austin is easy to install. Furthermore, this fence has quite attractive with vivid colors. But the impressive quality of Cedar also means that it is more expensive compared to the others.

2.      Pinewood Fences

Another softwood type is Pinewood which you will find in America's numerous parts. Naturally, the pine is stiff and highly shock resistant, and for this reason, it's one of the best wood fence options that the fencing company Austin suggests.

The soft texture of pine wood makes it easy to work with. The wood with a creamy white shade has lighter color. At the same time, super white coloring is also available in some pinewood varieties. Some are also available in yellowish color. However, the fence company Austin suggests that one of the most aesthetically pleasing wood fences to work with is Pinewood regardless of the opt or tone color.

The lighter pinewood shad makes it easier to stain your color choice. A single stain coat is sufficient for the fence installer Austin to achieve the desired finish. However, your wall will have a distinctive appearance with darker notes and prominent grains.

3.      Oak Fences

One of the most used and best-known types of hardwood is Oakwood in the county. Roughly Oak is available in 600 species. Sometimes, the homeowners suffer indecision regarding which one would be best for their home. The fence installer Austin can help you decide which one is best for your property.

4.      Cypress Wood Fences

Cypress is a softwood, but its tendency to grow along with the hardwoods has helped it be in hardwood criteria. Typically, the cypress has a lighter tone. Expect in most cases, and the most preferred shade is yellowish-brown.

If the pockets in the fence appear darker, it is a sign of a fungi attack in the wall. The cypress wood fence's common distinctive feature is the coarse texture containing the straight grains. However, you can maximize the fence quality by considering the staining materials.

Perhaps strong odor is the main drawback of cypress wood, and it could cause respiratory irritation for allergies people. Moreover, in the southern parts of the US, the cypress trees are native; thus, the north homeowners find it pricey to use this material. Furthermore, this material is pricy because the price cost includes in it.

What kind of wood is best for fences?

Arguably Redwood is the most extensively used wood type for wood fencing. Even though the Redwood costs high but its quality is unbeatable. Fencing Company Austin suggests that homeowners use Redwood for their property because of its durability, quality, and aesthetic value.

What are the different styles of fences?

The fencing company Austin offers various fencing styles for homeowners. The wood type fences are the following:

  • Vinyl fences
  • Metal fences
  • Wood fences
  • Composite fences
  • Specialty fences
  • Fence anatomy
  • Chain link fences


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