How Acoustic Fencing Reduces Noise?

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The primary purpose of Acoustic fencing is to reduce the sound level at your home. It's a soundproof fence, and its acts as an insulator. Whether you live in the city, urban or suburban area, sound comes into your home from the external environment, and thus you need soundproof fencing technology to reduce it. Usually, houses, industries, and schools can employ this fencing method to prevent roadside sound. The Fencing company Austin can help you install this soundproof fence in your home or property.

However, this article consists of guides that will help you have the acoustic principle's basic understanding. The basic understanding will help you install the acoustic fencing in your way. Let's take a look at the details below:

How Does Acoustic Fencing Work?

The sound waves travel in a straight line. Therefore, it can quickly reflect, refract, or be conducted based on the properties of fencing material. The various interference in the wave paths will potentially obstruct the wave, reducing the sound energy level to a minimum level.

If any sound comes into your property or home from the external environment, the acoustic fencing will directly hinder all these sounds. The external sound includes the engine or car sounds, children partying, playing, animals shouting, etc.

4 Types of Acoustic Fencing

Acoustic fences are available in several types. The various material types used in acoustic fencing directly affect the available noise reduction quality.

1.      Wooden Fence

The most popular acoustic fence is the wooden fence. Without any spacing, a robust wooden fence can directly reduce the noise level coming from the street. The fencing company Austin suggests that you would enjoy better mirror commotion through the thicker wooden fence. If you want to use a wooden fence as a firm boundary fence, ensure that it's robust and comprehensive enough. For constructing a wooden soundproof fence, redwood and cedar are great choices.

2.      Meta Fence

There is uncertainty that it would not be strong enough regarding the metal fence, and maybe it would fail to provide high–quality soundproof service. However, another soundproof fence alternative is the metal fence alternative. However, you can purchase erosion-safe metal and water-safe metal compounds for fence manufacturing.

3.      Concrete Soundproof Fence

The blocks or stones have an excessive thickness which is extremely helpful in blocking the sound waves. However, on the planet, the most common structural material is concrete. A solid soundproof concrete fence creates robust obstruction in a sound wave through its rock and concrete.

4.      Brushwood Fence

Another type of acoustic fencing is a brushwood fence. The main components of this fence are utilizing twigs, undergrowth, and trim branches. A significant noise reduction measure is building the thick brushwood fence.

Does acoustic fencing work?

No, according to many homeowners, it's not a good fence that reduces noise. However, the fencing company Austin still this fencing type for reducing road noise because it works to some extent. If you can build a denser fence, it would be more effective in stopping the noise. However, only 25b noise could reduce with the help of a 100% solid timber fence. Most direct road noise can stop by the gabion noise barrier.

What does the acoustic fencing cost?

According to most fencing company Austin, the Acoustic fencing cost for 6 to 6 panels is $140-$160. However, the total cost varies depending on the quality, size, and soundproof fencing material. The homeowners may need to count the higher price because of the more absorbent and giant fence.

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